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The Thermoneat trademark was introduced in 2017 by three cooperating companies, working in the fields of electronics, automation and refrigeration equipment. The first activities under the name of this trademark were performed in the field of design and production of equipment and systems for measuring physical parameters such as temperature, humidity, light and smoke in order to monitor and control these parameters in the IOT platforms, mostly used in refrigerators and Industrial sets. After a while, other products such as satellite tracer, HMI and programmable controllers were developed and offered for use in industrial automation. Previously, most of the company’s products have been used in projects in various organizations on a custom basis. For some time now, based on the gained experiences, we have provided various general-purpose products commercially and soon many other products will be ready to be offered for utilizing in your projects.

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Refrigerator controllers

A variety of products are designed and manufactured to control the performance of refrigeration equipment. No matter what refrigeration device you want to control, from simple refrigerators to industrial freezers, we have a variety of product options for all your needs. Reliable performance, high flexibility in controller settings, unique features and easy-to-use device are what set your business apart from others.

Heating control

Many of industrial procedures demands a type of heating control. In the field of agriculture and animal husbandry our heating controller products are widely used in greenhouses and poultry farms, especially egg incubators to create balanced temperature conditions. Leave the temperature monitoring and control to our products and handle the other jobs with peace of mind.

Data loggers

These products are used in order to calibrate the temperature and humidity measurement equipment, as well as to ensure the proper operation of cooling and heating equipment in long periods of time in various applications such as cold stores, refrigerator, greenhouses and poultry farms. very high accuracy, wide working temperature range and very low power consumption will help you in your business.

Comprehensive monitoring and management system

this system designed based on IoT technology and is ideal to use in large projects with multiple devices. it Provides the user many features such as monitoring and control of environmental conditions, energy management, optimal performance control based on history and the possibility of changing settings and scenarios at any time from any place.


Company Products

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all the products of this company have a two-year warranty. So you can use THERMONEAT products in your projects with peace of mind and be sure of our support.
Yes, although this depends on parameters such as the number of orders and the amount of product customization. You can share your requests with us via email.


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