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General Description:

12V DC powered, 15A relay output temperature controller.

TN-S211AD0 digital thermostat is a microcontroller-based devices suitable for cooling or heating control applications. It utilizes a relay to drive a compressor or a heater. It uses an NTC type sensor to measure the temperature value. It is fully configurable through defined parameters in the setting menus which can be set via keypad.

Main features

  • Accurate temperature measurement
  • Can be used as a cooling or heating controller by setting the application mode
  • Output delay protection at startup
  • Compressor delay protection
  • Sensor calibration
  • Two access levels for setting the parameters with two separate passwords
  • Output rest time, Adjustable cycle Intervals and duration time
  • Temperature setting range limitation for end users
  • Displaying status of the output
  • Displaying compressor rest time activation
  • Displaying temperature value with decimal point (-10 <T< +10°C)
  • Configurable smart function in sensor failure condition
  • Keypad lock function

Product Info

Working voltage 12V DC ±20%
Relay output 15A, 0.5hp Maximum
Power consumption <2W
Sensor type NTC 10KΩ at 25°C, Waterproof, Stainless steel
Temperature measurement and regulation range -40 ~ +99 °C
Resolution 0.1°C [-10 < T < +10°C], 1°C [-10 ≥ T ≥ +10°C]
Accuracy ±0.5°C
Index of Protection IP20
Front panel index of protection IP54
Operating temperature 0 ~ +60 °C
Storage temperature -30 ~ +60 °C
Operating humidity 20% ~ 85%
Connector screw terminals
Installing hole size 71 (L) x 29 (W)
Front panel size 77 (L) x 34.5 (W)
Product size 77 (L) x 34.5 (W) x 62 (D)
Sensor wire length 1.5 meters

Key Benifits


The best option for refrigerated trucks

Chiller lorry temperature control

Since the power supply of this model can be supplied directly from the batteries of vehicles such as refrigerated trucks, it is a suitable option for controlling the chamber temperature in these applications.


saving budget

Cost effective

TN-S211AD0 is the best choice in your cost effective solution while you can take advantage of it's special options.


High power control

High current relay

High current, 15A relay contact allows to powering up high power compressors and heaters with peace of mind.



Easy to use

Simple installation and easy menu parameters configuration made this device very easy to use and user friendly.


Due to the presence of internal rectifiers, the polarity of the connected power supply does not matter.
For this purpose, various other models have been prepared and placed at your disposal. This model is suitable for use in refrigerators.
The performance of this thermostat is guaranteed to drive the compressors up to 0.5 hp directly. To drive more powerful compressors, it is necessary to use an external relay or contactor next to the thermostat.